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What have italian wine window and english cat in common?

vinsko okno italija toskana

We often say that history repeats itself and that we need to learn from it. Old, abandoned things are becoming a retro trend and one of them are the wine windows in Tuscany. And what does this have to do with the English cat?

Wine window

Wine windows were erected in the 17th century in Tuscany and were called Buchette del Vino. These are small windows in the wall, facing the street with the intention of selling wine to customers without taxation, and later during the plague they also took advantage of this to have as few direct contacts as possible. They paid out a pallet for payment, where customers put coins. The coins were then disinfected with vinegar.

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After the end of the plague, they began to abandon the wine windows. Soon fell into oblivion, most were even built up. Most of the preserved ones are in Florence, where this summer some caterers started offering glasses of wine, cocktails or even ice cream. One because of the corona virus and the other because of the revival of cultural heritage.

Meow for gin

In England, on the other hand, they had mostly wooden cats in the wall instead of windows. At the beginning of the 18th century, England, and especially London, was a paradise for drunks, and most of them drank gin. Water quality was poor in London at the time, and the English Parliament wanted to collect as much tax as possible, so they promoted distillation of gin, which led to a boom in the gin industry, and due to the large supply, the price was low.

The Gin Craze era has begun

It went so far that the London economy began to decline because no one could work anymore, they just drank and the Gin Act was born. With it, they limited the sale of gin, as the license to sell was a huge approx. £ 7,000 in today’s value. With the restriction, annual gin consumption fell from 18 million gallons to below 2 million (1 gallon is about 4 liters).

Of course, they quickly found a legal loophole in London. They placed a statue of a cat on the window overlooking the street.

If anyone wanted to buy gin, he walked up to the cat and asked her, “Kitten, do you have any gin?”. If the cat meowed, then illegal gin was available. The cat opened its mouth, where the pennies were placed, and then gin began to flow from under the cat’s paw.

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Thus, no one saw the person who sold the gin, the intruders could not report the unknown person, and the police also had no right to enter the house.

The Italian wine window and the English cat served the illegal sale of alcohol in a unique way, while allowing contactless sales and consequently reducing the possibility of infections due to poor hygiene or illness of buyers for sellers.

The cat became so popular that it became a symbol for gin. At the same time we can say that the English cat is the first example of an automatic drinking machine in England 🙂

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Poletna osvežitev z rumom 3

Kaj je boljšega kot uživati v rumu na svetovni dan ruma? V soboto, 11. julija, je bil svetovni dan ruma. Ustvarjen je bil za vse ljubitelje ruma in destilarje, da skupaj proslavijo popularno pijačo.
Rum je danes osnova za vrsto različnih pijač od pina colada in podobne pijače, ki uporabljajo nestaran in lahkoten rum, do koktejlov, ki uporabljajo začinjene in starane rume npr. jamajške rume.

Še malo o rumu. Delan je iz sladkornega trsa – iz soka ali pa iz melase. Glavnina je pridelana v Karibih in ob reki Demerara v Južni Ameriki. Tradicionalno ga pridelujejo tudi drugje, kjer raste tudi sladkorni trs – Avstraliji, Indiji …


Tokrat sem izbrala za proslavljanje svetovno znani rum koktejl Dark and stormy. Je čisto enostaven, a še kako osvežilen v teh poletnih dneh ( glej spodaj za recept).

Sledi še nekaj ostalih receptov: pina colada, daiquiri, rum punč.


Dark ‘n’ stormy

Temen rum
Ginger Ale
limonin sok
Angostura bitter


V kozarec damo led in Ginger Ale, stisnemo malce limoninega soka, na koncu pa počasi dolijemo temen rum. V originalu je pravzaprav Ginger Beer, ampak je super tudi z Ginger Ale. Če je doma na voljo Angostura bitter, se doda še par kapljic tega.
Pri izbiri ruma imajo tu prednost začinjeni rumi, a dober bo katerikoli temen rum. Okrasitev limona in metini listi.



pomaančni sok
limetin sok
gold rum
preprost sirup
Angostura bitter


bel rum
kokosovo mleko
ananasov sok



bel rum
preprost sirup
limetin sok
pest zmiksanih jagod

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World Gin Day 2020

najboljsi craft gini

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, we celebrate this year’s World Gin Day.

If last week I give a hint on how to use cardamom, juniper berries and red pepper as a garnish for a gin tonic and other drinks, now I suggest something even more daring. Hm. What would that be? I definitely don’t mean using cucumber, which some passionate fans put in every gin. It’s great in Hendricks gin, but not in every gin.


Gin tonic with a mysterious ingredient

It is something that may have already been tried on the rim of a glass for margaritas and certainly usualy used with tequilas, and maybe few people may have even thought to use it in a gin and tonic. Let me tell you, you can taste this thing in the Edinburgh Seaside gin – ti’s already presented in this gin. Any idea, what kind of mystic ingredient am I thinking of? ? Enough of guesswork; it’s sea salt.

Yes, this ingredient alleviates the bitterness of the tonic and further exposes all the aromas of the selected gin. Of course, salt must not be overdone, but how many pinches are added depends on personal taste. Some tonics with a slight addition of salt are even more sweeter.


World Gin Day

For several years now, World Gin Day has been celebrated every second Saturday in June.


The largest selection of the best Slovenian craft gins

In our selection of Slovenian craft gins, we have really top-quality gines and those that really fall under the caft – Santei, Bratinov, Gin Brin and Broken Bones – all distill their own gines at home. Fructal’s Monologue is one of the excellent slovenian “industrial” gines.

We are the only one in Slovenia, with such a large selection of all the best Slovenian gins.

Let every day be like World Gin Day!

Celebrate with some good slovenian craft gin tonic on Saturday.

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Popcorn day


Popcorn day is January 19th. Usually, with popocorn we don’t think together with eines, but hre we have some interesting combinations that combine different popcorn preparations and diferent wines. Enjoy!

Plain popcorn + Rose Sparkling Wine

for ordinary popcorn with salt it’s recommended  Silveri Rose Cuvee or Slavček Viktorija Rose

Salted Caramel Apple Popcorn + Muscat Wine

Spices for apple pie (cinnamon, lemon powder, vanilla), salt, caramel sauce. Recommended M-wines Moo.Schkat

chilli Popcorn + Pinot Noir

Cayenne pepper, chili powder, lime, coriander, feta cheese. Recommended Meum Pinot Noir

Choko Popcorn + Sparkling Wine Brut

Small marshmallows, crushed graham crackers and chocolate chips are baked in the oven for 2-3 minutes until the chocolate is slightly melted and the marshmallows turn brownish. Recommended Slavček Sparkling wine Viktorija

Herbal Popcorn with Parmesan  + Sparkling Wine Brut

Fresh parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, grated parmesan and pieces of roasted almonds. Recommended Santei Extra Brut Sparkling Wine


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Slovenian Gin distilleries

Slovenske gin destilarne so in. Poleg craft piva imamo v Sloveniji pravo malo revolucijo tudi pri ginih. Ni tako množična, a imamo par zelo kvalitetnih ginov in število novih ginov še narašča.


World Gin Day

Vsako 2. soboto v juniju se praznuje svetovni dan gina. Za viskijem je gin druga najbolj priljubljena alkoholna pijača.


Slovenske gin destilarne

4 najboljše craft slovenske gin destilarne so trenutno Broken bones z najmočnejšim slovenskim ginom, Bratinov z najboljšim minimalističnim ginom primeren za vse koktejle, prvi slovenski craft gin Gin Brin in zelo zeliščni Santei.
Med edinim “industrijskim” ginom pa ne smemo mimo odličnega Monologuea iz Fructal destilarne.


Več na naši posebni strani slovenski gin