Broken bones Gin


Broken Bones Gin je svež in eteričen brinov gin, izdelan na osnovi prepleta tradicionalnih receptov in značilnosti slovenske dežele. Receptura vključuje izbrane brinove in šipkove jagode s Krasa, lipove cvetove ter še druga tradicionalna zelišča.

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Botanical slovenian gin Broken Bones Gin is a fresh and essential gi. It’s made as a mix of traditional recipes and the characteristics of the Slovenian country. This Slovenian craft gin has a rich and full flavor. Excellent to drink alone, not only as a gin & tonic.

The recipe includes herbs: brine and pomegranate strawberries from the Karst, coriander, lemon peel, linden flowers, cardamom, liquorice (sweet root), iris and arnica that form essential oils and deliciously fresh citrine gin.

This Slovenian Gin is manufactured using the London Dry Gin method, in the process of distillation without subsequent additives.

Great as a gift alone or with Gin & tonic gift box.


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