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Gin Monologue Fructal links a unique history of the slovenian’s landscape attractions, which is spread between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.
Aromatic distillates from juniper and angelic, melis, citronka, enzian, rosemary, lavender and olive leaves tell stories and complement each other while competing for your attention.

Chef Tomaž Kavčič Restaurant at Lojze Zemono mansion ( Vipava valley) presented his gin after three years of developing .

Gin Monologue is made according to traditional procedures. It’s made from cereals of higher quality and from distillates of natural extracts of juniper berries and selected herbs.
The process coincides with the maceration of juniper berries and mixtures of herbs, which are then distilled in classical boilers. This is how a gin is created, which is characterized by an extremely good aroma of selected Mediterranean herbs, which together with the brine form a harmonious taste.

The essence of the product is to envelop the story and rhythm of our places from the Alps to the Adriatic.

In year 2018 gin Monologue won duble gold medal at Great American International Spirits Competition.


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