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World Gin Day 2020

najboljsi craft gini

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, we celebrate this year’s World Gin Day.

If last week I give a hint on how to use cardamom, juniper berries and red pepper as a garnish for a gin tonic and other drinks, now I suggest something even more daring. Hm. What would that be? I definitely don’t mean using cucumber, which some passionate fans put in every gin. It’s great in Hendricks gin, but not in every gin.


Gin tonic with a mysterious ingredient

It is something that may have already been tried on the rim of a glass for margaritas and certainly usualy used with tequilas, and maybe few people may have even thought to use it in a gin and tonic. Let me tell you, you can taste this thing in the Edinburgh Seaside gin – ti’s already presented in this gin. Any idea, what kind of mystic ingredient am I thinking of? ? Enough of guesswork; it’s sea salt.

Yes, this ingredient alleviates the bitterness of the tonic and further exposes all the aromas of the selected gin. Of course, salt must not be overdone, but how many pinches are added depends on personal taste. Some tonics with a slight addition of salt are even more sweeter.


World Gin Day

For several years now, World Gin Day has been celebrated every second Saturday in June.


The largest selection of the best Slovenian craft gins

In our selection of Slovenian craft gins, we have really top-quality gines and those that really fall under the caft – Santei, Bratinov, Gin Brin and Broken Bones – all distill their own gines at home. Fructal’s Monologue is one of the excellent slovenian “industrial” gines.

We are the only one in Slovenia, with such a large selection of all the best Slovenian gins.

Let every day be like World Gin Day!

Celebrate with some good slovenian craft gin tonic on Saturday.