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Jumping Goat Coffee – Cold brew coffee


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Cold brew?
Cold brew is coffee soaked in cold water for at least 14 hours. It’s fresh coffee and filtered water brewed slowely and without heat to extract minimal acidity. The result is a much smoother flavour without that bitterness you usually get in black coffee.
Coffee beans are not exposed to high temperatures and thus do not form certain typed of bitter acids. We usually add milk or sugar to lower these acids. Cold brewed coffee however is more sweet just because of the lack of these acids and it’s also more persistent. In the refrigerator it will preserve its taste for up to 3 weeks.

The best drinked as ice coffee, even better with additives as milk, icecream, excellent for yoghurt, muesli, for making desserts ( tiramisu)….
It’s very refreshing with good tonic.


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