Kraški Pelinkovec Santei


Kraški pelinkovec Santei

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Kraški Pelinkovec is a home-made organic distillate to which, in addition to karst herbs, the infusion of real wormwood has been added. All herbs are organic, harvested in the Karst and Nanos. Minimal sugar added. Wormwood is used to soothe the stomach, has a beneficial effect on kidney and liver function, stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, and therefore helps with constipation, a natural sedative. It is recommended with very fatty foods.

All this, of course, helps only with moderate amounts of wormwood intake. Santei spirits are home-made distillates from organic grapes or wine from the Santei estate.

The classical method of distillation is used. All herbs except the protected ones are harvested by hand on the Karst, Nanos and the Trnovo plateau. Lavender was planted on their bio estate.

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