Sauvignon Meum


Meum Sauvignon vintage stands out from the Styrian classics. Extremely aromatic.

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Soft lemon colors. The flower is moderately accentuated, almost dramatic. Nettles, mint, hay, lemon. Dry in the mouth, medium bodied, with higher acidity and nice liveleness.

Analytical data: Alc 12 %, total acidity 6 g/l, residual sugar 0 g/l

Climate: Continental cool climate, with snowy and cold winters, sunny and mild springs and sun-drenching summers.

Terrain: All vineyards are located on steep 45% slopes with southern exposure, ranging from 350 meters to 480 meters above sea level. Nights are refreshingly chilly, as the winds whip around the sharp hills and valleys.

Soil: White marl, most of it being fine grains with some rocky soil.

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