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Pelicon Time is a collection of all previous bottles in their collection of special beers called Time. This year’s Pelicon Winter is also included as a bonus.

The Time collection contains:

  1. Time 2017 (old pale aged in bourbon barrels)
  2. Time 2018 (wheat wine aged in tequila barrels)
  3. Time 2019 (rye wine – barley wine aged in barrels of rum and bourbon)
  4. Time 2020 (imperial stout aged in barrels of bourbon)
  5. Winter (winter warmer – winter beer with spices)

The most popular aging of beer is in wooden barrels. The barrels expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates, sucking and squeezing the liquid.

From this interaction, with appropriate aging, new, more interesting aromas and flavors emerge that would not otherwise exist. But all this takes time. 

Each was aged for a year, and the beer is named after the year of brewing.


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