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The SLOVENIAN GIN gift box contains a bottle of the first Slovenian gin made on the basis of Santei Skras No.19 grape, a bottle of Slovenian premium Pelicon Hoppy tonic and herbal gin preparation accessories. Gin tonic and hot gin recipes are also included.

Santei gin SKRASA No. 19 is the first Slovenian boutique distilled gin made on grape basis. Its taste is characterized by softness and harmony, which are intertwined with the stunning scents of the Karst.

It contains 19 ingredients that have been harvested in Nanos, Golaki, Čavno and the Karst Plateau: juniper berries, lavender, Karst walk, rosemary and others. Basic herbs for gin such as coriander seeds, angelica root, licorice and others were added to the Karst mix. Freshness is enhanced by lemon and orange peel. At the third distillation, the herbs were added to the original own wine distillate.

Pelicon Hoppy tonic is a great premium tonic made from natural ingredients with citrus notes. The tonic is made with natural quinine and orange essence, and its specialty is the addition of aromatic zest hops. Created to extract fresh and fruity aromas from a wide variety of spirits

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